Perhaps I should start my bio with this.  Call me Sara or call me Sally. I answer to both.  Why you might ask. My author name is Sara Davis.  It’s also the name I use for the Internal Revenue Service, Social Security, my checkbook, and for doctor and dentist appointments.  Everyone I actually know personally calls me by my longtime, all my life since birth, nickname, Sally.  This includes all my friends.  So I guess, dear reader, I will let you choose.  Just please remember when it’s time to buy my book, order Sara’s!  My book, Spent, is about love.  My voice is a woman’s voice, and I speak of love as if in a conversation with someone I know well enough to talk of these things freely.

I was born and raised in a river town in Western Pennsylvania.  The best way that I can express my thoughts and feelings has always been through my poetry.  I wrote this recently as part of a book manuscript in progress.  Its title is Full Circle.

I grew up at the foot of the Appalachians
My home was a river town, on the Ohio.
Good, bad, and ugly, all were present.
I look back and find I have come full circle.

Over the years, I have written individual pieces that were published.  This chapbook, Spent, is my first published book. The next to be published will be Perennial, which reflects on our relationship with nature and its central role within and without ourselves. Once I retired from teaching, which I loved, I was able to really begin organizing my writing, the old and the new.  It is a great joy for me to be able to fully explore all the possibilities of poetry. Much of mine is personal, but much is not.  The reason I write is to share what I have known myself with others, who might find something meaningful of their own lives in my words.  It’s not about just me.  It’s about us.

Addendum:  It is October 4, 2014, and for the past several weeks I have been reflecting on the whole process of having my own website (almost two months now.)  It is definitely a journey. I have learned a great deal already about myself, my own writing, and about the richness and diversity I find in the work of so many other writers I find in this community.   A community in which  to share ideas about writing, to reflect on the connections we find as writers between our own lives and our own life experiences with our own work.  And to understand the connections that some writers find here with other writers  in ways that encourage one another’s creativity.  I was prompted to add this observation after rereading my post of August 15, My Site, My Poetry.  It remains the encapsulation of who and how I am as a poet individually.  But I continue to grow and learn and appreciate.  Tonight when I reread that post, I just felt like sharing this.  Perhaps you might like to take a  look at that early post of mine. We don’t know one another’s individual writing philosophies very often.  I think it’s sometimes a good thing to exchange.

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