Writing About Mental Health Challenges…My Poem Again

I am in the void
in a hole,
not knowing
how I got here.

do I never feel
the slippery slope
give way
beneath me,

my spiral into
racing thought,

just as it
is happening


3 thoughts on “Writing About Mental Health Challenges…My Poem Again

    1. Hi, Justin, I’m so glad you commented on this poem. It’s made me aware that perhaps some readers may now come to this site with some misunderstandings. My blog is not about mental illness. At all. It’s about life, in all its richness and complexity, including pain sometimes, but mostly reflecting my love of life, people, nature, and what I hope is a certain wisdom many years have given me about these things. I have an illness, well-controlled for decades. I am not my illness. It does not define me. Do I sometimes despite medication have great pain, yes. But through the grace of God, I’ve learned what to do about that. I think people with this issue have a responsibility to take care of ourselves. It’s the only way to make a life. And i know that my education and life circumstances have given me oppurtunities to research and do so. Also, one of my children, tragically, will not. Think Silver Linings Playbook, but no happy ending. Still, I pray and hope. Anyway, after a long, joyful teaching career, raising four children, loving and being loved, I have had and have a good life. I am a writer and a teacher of writing. My site is about writing and about life. Only a few of my poems posted deal with mental illness, largely because I think it can be supportive and educational for people who should be aware, and because it is part of my life experience. Almost all of those are in response to prompts I’ve given and the poems are examples of how a prompt can be used. I hope you’ll just jump around my site a bit to see the positive stuff because I think it shows a happy life despite illness as a possibility for those struggling. As for the mental health poems, here’s a list of the pairings and on some a prompt and poem in same post. 9/11 in response to Robin Williams-2, 9/23-2, 10/5-3, 10/18-2 and the prompt is my favorite reflection on mental health in my life, 12/6-2 one a reblogged cartoon and the other my poem, 11/26-2, 11/6-2, and 9/11. I so appreciate your input. Now I’m aware. Thanks so much.


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