Writing Prompts in an Individual Writer’s Craft

As those of you who visit my site already know, I love to share discussion of writing with other writers.  I believe really strongly in personal writers groups. Talking with other writers about our pieces helps many of us look at a creative piece through new eyes, the eyes of a reader.  It can then help us as writers to revise to make the piece more accessible and possibly more meaningful to a reader.  And then, for me at least, comments on my work from fellow writers can actually help me reconnect with a poem and revise it, often now finding more meaning in a different way.  My own writers group of five disbanded a couple years ago due to two people moving, one whose job became too demanding.  So two of us do share, but it’s better to have at least one other reader for each of us.  I like three members as a minimum and about six maximum, given probably only four or five will be able to come to the same meeting. There can be more.  It’s totally up to each individual group to decide.  Life is demanding for all of us. I have just found another group. They invited me to join, I see myself fitting in with their way reading and writing and sharing.  So I really am happy.  I enjoyed everyone and felt comfortable sharing about my own work and at ease about talking about theirs.

We can’t always find a personal writers group or create a personal writers group of our own, for a number of reasons.  That’s why I really value the online writers community we have here.  We do share, get feedback, and have the opportunity to look at our work from the perspective of readers, who are usually fellow writers.  We can support one another in meaningful ways through comments and conversations.

Perhaps I talk too much about writing groups.  But I am so passionate about them, I must : )  This is something I have found so helpful to me as a writer over the years that I want fellow writers to be aware.  One of the things I do occasionally is to share prompts I have created for my after-school writers, my Young Writers Summer Institute and my writing workshops for people of any age who love to write.  This is one that many people of all ages seem to like, that seems to prompt interesting pieces of writing.  Of all genres: fiction, as in short story and perhaps within a novel, for poetry, for memoir, and for creative nonfiction.  So I’m posting this writing exercise for anyone who might like to try something like this. One thing I like about this is that it can be useful to spark creativity in many pieces over time.  I think that’s very important in a writing prompt, that it not be confined to a one-time use, but that it can be one of the tools a writer chooses to use in their individual writing craft.  I’m posting this prompt separately.  It’s titled Lost in Thought.


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