Writing Prompt…Lost in Thought

Lost in Thought

There is a phrase to “lose yourself in”.  It means to be so caught up in something that you cannot focus on anything else besides what you are thinking about. This can apply to a number of things. It may be concerning a specific time/emotion/memory/activity in the past or present.  Writing about a person, yourself or a character, who is lost in thought can produce a great creative piece.

Some examples of that kind of situation follow.

She lost herself in the beauty of ……..

She lost herself in the memory of ……

She was lost in reflection on a current situation in her life….

Try to think of a situation when you (you, personally, or as a character you have created) are so totally focused on something that you are not paying attention to what is going on around you.

One type of thinking that can distract people is strong, ongoing emotion, like anxiety, or obsessive thinking about another person and relationships. Possibilities might include a character’s involvement with a child, a parent, a special loved one.  Another possibility might be a character’s total absorption in an activity that they are passionate about to the extent that they can tune out all else. Positive, joyful, even euphoric thinking can also lead to lack of connection to real circumstances around a person.  Fairly early in the story (or even a poem), there should be some indication of a disconnect between what is going on in the character’s head and what is actually going on around them at the time or within their current life.

As readers, we are caught when a writer lets us in on something the person we’re reading about doesn’t even know. Where is the character?  What’s going on around him/her that they don’t even notice, but we do?  Does the situation feel positive or negative to us?  What impact does the character’s “being lost” have on them and on other characters.  The story can go any which way, depending on whether the character ever realizes the situation.


To show how multi-faceted the writing potential is in considering being lost in thought or in a  certain way  of thinking, I’m sharing my poem Family Eccentric in a separate post.


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