Writing About Nature…Life Lessons from Birds and Garden

This is the season of change, late autumn on the cusp of winter, but not quite yet. Even as the days grow shorter, with a distinct chill in the air, there are experiences here that we can find in no other season.  Especially perhaps in this process of significant change.  Most, but not all, the leaves are brown and fallen, but the late, darker gold and russet still cling to branches.  There is a kind of hope there that I feel, but cannot define within myself. Because I love the garden, I still wrap up in a heavy wool sweater and sit on the patio in the morning watching life still present and thriving in the birds that remain all winter.  There are not many, but those who stay will forage and live on little until spring.  Their inner clocks must parallel our own.  Chief among them are sparrows and birds of prey whose work is never done. My favorite of those are peregrine falcons. So why this reflection on birds?  Because I love them.  And because in them over many years, I have learned a rhythm of seasons and perhaps a certain wisdom.

Nature has always been central to the work of many writers.  It still is.  Robert Frost is gone, but the beauty and wisdom of his words remain vital and meaningful for me.  One of the most significant things for me about his poetry about the natural world is the fact that within these poems there is always a subtle, but very real, reflection of human experiences and choices throughout life.  Of course, much of his work is not about nature, but much is.  There are writers today whose work focuses on nature and its lessons for us.  It has been my great pleasure to find so many writers here online who also relate strongly to nature.  In today’s publishing world, there is not as much presence of nature other than backdrop as there has been  in the past, but I have seen that changing.

Now to return where I started with this reflection about the birds I have observed and cherished from my garden vantage point, I’d like to share two of my poems from two past garden experiences. One is titled Winter Robin. The other is titled Speak of Change. They are in separate posts.


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