Writing About Nature …. Seasons of the Year, Seasons of Our Lives

I think much of my passion for writing about nature is found in the post of that title Writing About Nature on September 24.  Many of us writers have such a passion.  For us, the natural world has become a part of who we are, how we have become.  That connection we feel and try to capture in our writing goes beyond physical description for some of us.  It has become a deep emotional connection, a spiritual connection.  I think in the writing of a piece about nature, we often find ourselves moving into a reflection about life, about love, about our place in the world, our purpose.  Since I began writing about this mysterious entwining of nature and self, I have shared a few of my autumn poems.  It seems only natural.  Some have been published, others are in a forthcoming chapbook.  Others are included in a manuscript almost ready.  And, of course, since we as writers write in response to the rhythm of our individual lives, I think perhaps the pieces we write about the natural world and our place within it might most often be written in the moment, in response to a particular experience. Our experience with nature can be transcendent, beyond the physical to spiritual connection.  It’s no accident that I feel a kinship with the Romantic and Transcendental poets.

And through reading them on in high school, college, and always personally, I discovered that writing about the natural world in all its beauty and complexity is a way to truth and wisdom, for all of us, as both readers and writers, if we are interested, fascinated by all that surrounds us. Not everyone is. Each of us has unique passions and issues and interests.  Since my own early experiences,  I have so broadened my experience with different ways of describing and capturing all this.  I have found so much beauty in the writing from many cultures.  Discovering Asian poetry about these mysteries has been perhaps especially meaningful to me.  That is one of the great joys we can have as readers and writers, this journey of discovery.  This online community of writers, of which we are all a part, enables so much sharing, learning, growing. Each centered in our own personal identities.  We are fortunate  to have the ability to share beyond our own personal spaces.

All this being said, in a rather lengthy reflection!  What prompted this was my morning in my autumn garden.  The earth is settling in toward sleep, yet some of the flowers, particularly the roses and geraniums, are awake, vividly so. Another poem is coming from this particular morning, but it brought to mind one of my older poems which I would like to share in my next post. I am a person of the seasons.  As are we all.  As are our lives.  I want to savor each season that has made my life. The poem is titled Savor.  I hope you enjoy it.


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