Posting Creative Writing online, Word Press…..finding our own voice, genre, and timing

Again, by having this site, I have actually reflected on my own writing process,  on my way of reflecting and my own pace of writing creatively, and my own readiness to share my reflections on life, writing, and sharing.  A long while ago, I realized that I write poetry in spates.  Sometimes days between writing, sometimes weeks or months, depending on where I am personally in my daily life and maybe more important, where I am emotionally.  Now, during that time, I will find scraps of poetry and capture them in notebooks or as bits of paper.  But I am not ready to look at these words, look at these phrases, and begin to find something coalescing enough to begin a poem.  Which as I’ve said before, doesn’t always become the poem I think it will be.  They do have a mind of their own!  And probably as with many of us writers, when finished they do reveal something of ourselves, of life and the world around us, that we didn’t realize until this writing comes from within us somewhere.

This is my own process.  We all have our own, often very different from one another.  I think it’s important to recognize our own pace, our own genre, and not criticize ourselves based on what we see of others’ pacing and posting.  I have noticed that many people post every day.  I also know that that cannot be my way.  I will post and then disappear from here as I am led from within to write. It’s just the way my own writing works. My process. It was funny.  I had been off for a week because I had nothing to share.  It was a time to rest, reflect, and live my real life with family and friends. To go to the library and immerse myself in reading for pleasure.  For playing in the fall garden.  Did I gather thoughts and ideas.  Yes.  Most will never appear here because I tend to work on an organic wholeness of a group of poems that I put together as a collection over time.  That is my real writing, I guess I  would say.  That is my passion.  That, in its purest form, embodies my whole creative life, my creative identity, as a writer, as an individual.

I believe that each writer finds their way to their genre, writing process, and identity as a writer.  We often discover this through revelations we find in our own work and process as we reflect on them over time.  Blogging is real writing. It’s important to know that and embrace it.  It is true and meaningful and important.  Sharing ourselves with others online is a true community of writers. There are many kinds of communities of writers.  I value those of you I am meeting here a great deal.  I learn and grow here.  As I think we all do in the conversations and the sharing of our words, our ideas and interests and even our philosophies.  We can see changes, positive changes, within ourselves in many aspects of our lives, together and individually.  Here, we can find and/or foster our own personal identity as writers, and as is often the case, about who and where we are in our own lives.  I love coming to know other writers, and wonderfully, artists and photographers also, here in a community.  I love the personal connections I make.  Celebrate all of us as writers and artists!

Now, let’s go back to where I originally began this online reflection.  After about a week of no posting, my beloved twenty-something niece, Katie, who really helps me with the nuts and bolts of online writing, called and informed me that posting fourteen posts over two days was awful, awful.  Totally violating the principles of blogging. (Actually, I do not believe there are rules and principles of blogging.) She pointed out, rightly I think, that that was way, way too many.  That people might at most get through four or five at best.  I think she’s probably right.  But I was ready to  last write weekend. The right time for me to publish. So I wrote what I had been reflecting on during my quiet week. And, of course, since I had been reading My Reader during much of that time, I had more things I wanted to reflect upon based on some of what others here had been saying.  And, of course, as I wrote last weekend in that huge outpouring, that is the way I think, create, and write.  I wrote and then when prompted by something I was experiencing as a result of being in this community of writers, I wrote more, much of which was poetry, most of which I won’t share here.  This is not a book I am writing here. I share what I think feels personally right to share as prompted by the flow of this particular community. So once Katie chastised me, as she sometimes does : ), it made me think of the role blogging is now playing in my life and in my writing.  I’ve concluded that I have to stay true to my own writing process, as we all do.  It took me years to find myself as a writer, even when published a bit.  Years.  Now, I look back and read my work over time.  It still rings true and valid of who I was then as a person and writer.  I have matured enough to value it now.  Not to judge on the basis of who and where I am now, personally and as a writer, but to appreciate the growth and maturity I find in reexamining that work.  I have a rhythm.  It is part of me.  I realize I cannot and should not try to bend it to the expectations and rigid “rules” of blogging.  Because frankly, I think she’s right about people reading what I have to say here.  These bursts are unwieldy.  I hope that people who like my work will visit my actual website and read some of this flood of writing in their entirety.  I’ve realized my posts are like my journals. I have written new poetry prompted by reflections here. (I hope also that people here might find and read my book on the Finishing Line Press site, if interested.)  But if a reader finds just one thing interesting or meaningful somewhere here, it’s enough.  I will have released a cloud of words, and they will land wherever.

Blogging is not my genre.  But for many here it is. And I love it as a genre.  To the bloggers I find in this community, thank you for sharing with me, with many of us as readers.  Celebrate your genre!  It’s a new writing for a new world, and that is part of the evolution of writing over time in the broad culture of place and time. And that growth of a new genre is a gift to all writers, not matter what their principal genre. We honor one another.


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