# (Full Moon Social 2014) Wisteria Moon……..a love letter to the intimacy of light

I love this moon celebration that’s brought so much of beauty to writers here in this community.  it is from Jeff Schwaner. This is a little different take because in this poem moonlight is totally entwined with the intimacy of personal relationships.  This is one of my favorite poems  I wrote it of an experience stepping from my porch in the play of moonlight and the trellis on the porch down into full moonlight as I stepped into my garden.   It is actually one of the most significantly personal of my poems.

Wisteria moon
entangled in my trellis,
lured here by the heady scent
of profligate flowers,

drunk with summer,
you reel across the darkening sky
sure of endless balmy nights,
heedless of danger.

I have you now.
Bound in shadow vines, you float
just above my jealous grasp.
Will you be true?

Perhaps held fast
you’ll keep your promise,
endless summers, vows unbroken,
love that lasts.

Released by time,
you rise above your twining bonds.
Gentle breeze, left in your wake,
is my only caress.

Stepping from shadow,
inhaling scent of summer night,
I bathe in your silver spill
and am content.


3 thoughts on “# (Full Moon Social 2014) Wisteria Moon……..a love letter to the intimacy of light

  1. Beautiful poem, S. I didn’t see it last week because it did not show up with the tag fullmoonsocial2014 (must have been the spaces)…would you like me to put it in the ebook anthology of contributions from last week? It will just be a free PDF and epub file for anyone who wants to download it from my site, and it should be up by Saturday. Are you in?


    1. Yes, that would be lovely, thank you. It’s from a chapbook being published next year, but individual poems may have been published already. It was accepted at the same time as the chapbook published in March, but I haven’t yet signed the contract. They publish almost a year apart. I’m also calling them today to check, but I’m happy to have it included so I’m saying yes. Thank you : )

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