The Writer’s Life….an Honorable Life

It’s a quiet day today.  A reflective day.  I saved this quote by writer Patricia Rosoff years ago.  Her philosophy of life and art mirrors mine in many ways.  This statement just rings true to me.  Writing can be from the essence of life.  It would be pretentious of me, of us as writers, to imagine we can know and understand the full spectrum of the human condition.  But we can write of what we personally know or believe of life, we can polish it, and we can share it.

“Life is short and confusing and has a way of sneaking up on you. Let your ambition be to make it honorable – to make it matter. To do a thing because it should be done, because it merits doing. You have to look for beauty, you have to visualize it, you have to dig for it – you will not just find it. Such a life is not a gift, but a work of art”

Patricia Rosoff     May, 1999 commencement speech    Kingswood-Oxford School


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