Promoting Our Own Work………..Critical Review of my book Spent

One of the difficult parts of being a writer for me is the necessity of promoting my work.  That’s what we do as writers.  At least many of us, if not all, would like to be published.  It is wonderful when we are.  We have the opportunity to share words we love with readers we hope will love them.  Aye, there’s the rub, thank you, Shakespeare.  I love a book, I want to share it, therefore, my first instinct is to give it away.  But no.  Publishers must publish to sustain their literary presses, so that they can continue to publish more writers’ work. That’s fair and good. And to be honest, having someone buy our book gives us income.  Thankfully.

I am very grateful for my own publisher, Finishing Line Press, who publish poetry chapbooks.  All poets know how hard it is to get published. There are some very great and talented poets who are deservedly published. Even they must promote their work.  But once they have a platform, once they are finally publishing books, collections of their poems, through a major industry publishing house or through a well-respected university press, promotion is so much easier.  Poetry has a very small, specialized niche in the publishing world. Having a book published by a well-known, excellent small press requires an incredible amount of persistence and some luck.  We can’t give up on ourselves. but we have to be thick-skinned because rejection is frequent.  If we write solely for the pleasure of writing and sharing with those close to us, that in and of itself is wonderful.  But to sell books, we must promote them.

In a separate post, I’m sharing/promoting my book Spent by printing the book blurb by Samuel Hazo, a wonderful and widely published poet.  He was very kind to review my book.  Below is a link to his own website.


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