Learning from our online Community of Writers

I’ve learned so much from other writers through sharing here.  I’ve been both rewarded, and also been a bit chastised as I’ve learned with chagrin the limitations between sharing here and in real-live personal writing groups.  I’ve posted a lot about my appreciation for writing groups.  My own have been enormously supportive and helpful of each other’s work. But now I realize just how different this is in the sense that we share, comment, but miss all the nuances of real conversation.  So I have crossed a line I shouldn’t have because I had not yet realized the limitations as well as strengths we have in our sharing.  First, I have suggested in comments about work I love, but would like the writer to reread and perhaps make a slight revision.  In a writers group we all give input in person, and we discuss the work together about each writer’s piece.  The writer is totally involved in a conversation.  It is quite clear who has ownership of the piece. And we are all willing participants there for the same reason, sharing and perhaps revising.  This is different, and I apologize for any comments I may have made that would be seen as critical, that they may find offensive.  I’m realizing my feeling of unity of our large community of writers is probably not going to be appropriate to sharing and discussion of pieces in that way. For this, I apologize.  I hope these very few people will read this, so they know I have learned through their silence.  I may be a slow learner, but I usually do learn!

Now to the positive.  I realize that there are many of us who as writers want to explore the same subjects, and we can, if in a somewhat limited way, do so by suggesting to each other to read a particular piece we find evocative of another writer.  For me, this is a great pleasure.  Being online so extends the ability of us to share as readers, writers, and people, to be exposed to so many other works and points of view.  All are fascinating.  But sometimes it’s nice to find a kindred spirit whose work focuses on something we find central to our own writing.  Today, I’m posting two nature poems, Spill and Glide, as direct shares with particular writers, and also with all the fellow writers in this community.  Here’s to us!


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