Community of Writers….publicly sharing one another’s work

Beyond ourselves as individual writers, beyond any writers group we may choose to be a part of, beyond boundaries of personal acquaintance or friendship with other writers, I think all writers are part of a much larger and very real community.  Published or not, writers are joined on so many levels. We find one another, explore different writers, and share our own writing with others.  Sharing with other writers, we form our own communities.  If a writer is talented enough, and just as important, lucky enough, we can read, appreciate, share and promote their writing that we find beautiful or relevant or meaningful.  Many, many talented writers are never published.  For a number of reasons.  Luck, unfortunately, is one of them. Hard, hard work and dedication and ability to take rejection, a lot of rejection, play big roles in being published. But…..   So tonight I want to introduce you fellow writers to three of my favorite women poets,and suggest that you consider reading their work.  I’ll mention their most recent books that I love.  I have been to their readings, read their work, and spoken with them.  I’m sharing their work in the larger community of writers we are part of.  In these cases, a diversity of women writers. Recently, I attended the reading of Barbara Edelman and Sharon McDermott. I actually read three pieces from my book Spent, following. Earlier  this year I attended a reading by Sheila Carter-Jones. Each of these writer’s work is, of course highly individual, but they share a talent and passion for writing that is catching.  Their work is beautiful, sometimes ironic, sometimes scathing, sometimes tender, covering a whole range of human experience and emotion.  I’m giving their names, the most recent titles I’m aware of and publisher and order information if one of them appeals to your interests.

In no particular order:

Barbara Edelman         Exposure      

Sheila Carter-Jones     Three Birds Deep, winner of the Naomi Long Madgett Poetry Award for African-American writers, published by Lotus Press.  You can also buy a book directly from her at   On the subject line, please put “book order”.  I believe these may be signed if requested.

Sharon McDermott      Bitter Acoustic

I hope you’ll consider reading some of their work.  Writers sharing among each other is one of our great strengths as a community.

And just to shamelessly promote my own work the link to my publisher Finishing Line Press.  The link is on my About Page.  Thanks.


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