Writing about the Natural World…..

Many writers are so attuned to the physical world that it becomes one of the identifying features of their poetry.  And there are many of us online.  It’s one of the many pleasures of sharing online, the lovely words with which so many poets can express not just the beauty of nature, but also the personal spirituality they find within nature. Each of us has our own special times of immersion in the natural world.  Beautiful, powerful poems come from all such interactions.  But something often left unsaid is that nature itself can be violent, dangerous, even deadly.  Some of the most powerful poetry about nature and our interaction with nature focuses on this violence and destruction.  Some of our deepest reflections about not only nature, but about ourselves, come from both joyful and frightening experiences.  I think it is in poetry that many writers can best explore the emotional and spiritual connection that nature gives us.  Writers have a unique opportunity explore every facet and nuance of nature within the parameters of our personal experience. Of the unique worlds we live in, the unique landscapes of our lives.  I have walked the same four square miles of woods and water for almost fifty years.  The woods, water, creatures have become a part of me.  I have seen the landscape reconfigured by floods that have gouged banks that seemed impregnable.  And I have watched scarred banks be reclaimed by the whole and the healthy.  Many writers can express in the simplest language the most complex ways in which we can learn and find healing within ourselves, as well as joy and celebration of life. And at a certain point in life, begin the reflection on our own mortality.  Here in an online community of writers, I find so much diversity of subject and artistic genre.  There is a celebration of life, of the fact that so many of us reach out to one another, share with one another.  For me, one of the special joys I’ve found is that connection some of us find in our natural world.

Sometimes now and then you’ll find my posts to be grounded in this. I think we as writers as we grow artistically reach a point where we can actually look at our work and see where our greatest influences have been. An insight into our own creative journeys.


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