Our Writing Life…finding our own way

Silence. I have turned down the volume of my online life for just a while.  I need to listen to the whisper of words that surround me, want my attention. Words I jot on scraps of paper, phrases floating out of reach, but waiting. I am discovering that as I have entered online conversations about writing, reading, sharing, I can be so worried about whether I’m saying enough here and there, that I am losing the time I need for my writing life. To experience life, remember life, write life.  I think as writers we each find our own writing life.  For myself, I need to fully live my own daily life. There is a visceral connection between living in the present and writing. Finding, feeling, knowing what I want to examine, reflect upon, and respond to in my writing.   I need and want a day, a period of days to write.  Writers need to find the pace of life that best fosters the reflection needed to write with expression and meaning.  There are many, many writers, perhaps most, who can balance all the online interaction with creative writing. I have discovered I am not one of them. Conversations and sharing here are important and vital and can foster creativity in so many ways. We can find and follow one another.  All this is becoming a part of my writing life. But I have given myself over to it to the exclusion of much of the daily rhythm that fosters my own writing.    I am learning that I must step back, withdraw, from too much time here, find ways to share with those I know in my real life who are readers and writers together.  Yet, readers and writers here are also important to me. This is a real community I will continue to read regularly, but I think my own posts will come in clusters.  I’m working on another chapbook, reading existing poems, finding gaps I want to fill.  I love it, the reflection and the writing.  I know we all do. We each find our own way.  Our ways will both diverge and intersect.  We have much to learn from one another.  But right now I need to listen to my life.  In and out and roundabout, I’ll post. Right now. I see a cluster forming : )  After this post, I am uploading a poem titled Unwound which I wrote within the last week reflecting this discovery of how my own writing life must work.  All of us as writers do the same, I think.  Find the pace of our own writing life



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