Sharing Conversations Among Fellow Writers

Since I now have a website, does this mean I’m a blogger? I don’t know why I hate that word. Yes, yes, I know it’s web log. I would rather call it conversation because that’s how I think of it. There’s a whole world out there, formerly unknown to me. I’m becoming familiar with poets and writers I never would have known about. Some publish on blogs alone, I think. Others share pieces of their published work as well as their work in progress. That would be me : )

I started my site because of publisher advice to promote my work in this way. (Spent by Sara Davis at Finishing Line Press, online bookstore.) Shameless plug : ) But through my web site (is this really s blog?), my contact with other writers has given me so much more. I have discovered a new community of writers and readers. We can have conversations with one another. And, of course, in some ways, it can become an online writers group. And yes, if you read some of my posts, you see that I am passionate about writers’ groups.  I feel as if I’m in a single conversation with one fellow writer or in a discussion group with several writers. I think it’s important for us as writers to share our work, enjoy each others’ work, and talk about our writing, and as important perhaps, to talk about writing, about our feelings about writing, our own process that might be helpful to share with others, our own experiences as writers.  

As for my own site, of course, I hope you will visit me there. You’re welcome at any time!


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