Just for Fun Whimsy my poem Royal

Sometimes the simplest of things can make us smile.  There is so much of life that is hard, things outside our control.  I think that concentrating on the simple, the everyday goodness around us, can lift our spirits or make us smile if only for a few moments.  Moments of peace. My particular  places of rest, tranquility and reflection are in nature.  My garden is one of those places.  In the simplest things I can pay close attention to the little occurrences that I find whimsical and sweet, or funny, or a combination thereof.  I watch bees and butterflies, for one, and find the whimsical of life in a microcosm of roses and garden and life.  A few days ago, I watched for several minutes as a honeybee jockeyed with a Monarch butterfly above a rose, but still hung back until the butterfly flew away.  I had fun watching and felt a poem.  A poem just for fun.  (and maybe later, just a little reflection as always.)  I really love using metaphor and trying to make it work.  So here it is.  I wonder how it will make you feel.


The Monarch

has his pride

of place,

perched on  

petal throne,


drinks nectar

potion  made

for him,

so great his

regal self.




he rests,




of worker

bee, who lurks


looking for

his chance.


Once alert,

the feudal

lord asserts

first right

to plenty.


feeds on


as his due,






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