reflections on pregnancy, mom on train

I was going to write about how beautiful the city of Washington, DC looks as our train headed into Union Station, where they promptly turned off power for the 45 min layover. So out into the night we go, except now we are positively hurtling toward Baltimore, the trip is no longer through bucolic, pastoral, smooth-track beauty of Carolinas and southern VA. The tracks are industrial. The computer is bouncing and jouncing so much I have to keep editing the most bizarre spellings. btw, the best thing you can do for a pregnant, morning sickness suffering daughter is to clean and organize while she’s sleeping. Young parents have no idea how their world is going to change overnight. Beautiful, joyful, yes. But realists know there’s a lot of hard work you’re not quite prepared for, even if the nursery is perfect and the shower was bountiful! So organize as much as you still have some control over your ability to organize : )  And nap, nap, nap while you still can : ) That’s what Moms are for, among other things….telling you  how to live your life!

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